Unless you just read the New Testament Gospels — Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John — you may never just experience the stories of Jesus without the filter of the preacher. However, when you read those stories, you may wonder about some of the action that takes place or the words that are said which are weird to a 21st century mind-set.

That’s why I’ve created “Jesus Stories.” In this first season, I tell the story of Jesus without the preacher filter. But I also want to explain the customs and words which seem strange to us in this century. In other words, my goal is to translate the first century into the 21st century.

To make this telling of Jesus Stories complete as well as interesting, I will use the work of theologian F. LaGard Smith to tell these stories in a “best guess” chronology. Smith has compiled the chronological “The Daily Bible” to create a readable and interesting version of the Gospels. Thanks to his work, we’ll cover all of the events in Jesus’ life from all of the Gospels.

Like most of you, I’m not a theologian. I’m just an ordinary guy who has studied the scriptures for years and taught them for most of the past 40 years in various settings. Part of my study is to get into an understanding of the times in which Jesus lived to really understand what he was doing and saying. In other words, when Jesus’ first disciples heard his words and saw his actions, what did they see and hear? And how does that translate into today’s world?

In telling these stories, I leave the application and interpretation up to you. (I may offer those words in another podcast.) You make up your mind about how these words and actions should impact you — or if they should impact you.


In season three of Jesus Stories, we build on the life of Jesus with his work on earth after his resurrection. (Yes, he was resurrected from death.) When resurrected, he sent the Holy Spirit to empower his followers to continue creating Jesus Stories in their lives. Some of these Jesus Stories changed the world. Others just changed the life of the individuals who decided that they needed to follow Jesus. Either way, the stories are worth hearing.


To get started, click on the “Podcast” button to see the show notes and hear each entry to these Jesus Stories. To make listening easy, I’ve restricted the time for each episode to about 20 minutes. I suggest you start with episode one. Each episode’s happenings and explanations build on the previous episode’s happenings and explanations.

I welcome your feedback. Use the “Talk To Us” button above to send me your comments and questions. Please be nice. I’m not trying to push any agenda; I’m just trying to inform.

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