• Jesus: “What does everyone say about me?”
  • Jesus: “Who do you think that I am?”
  • Peter jumps in with a confession and Jesus responds with an important and controversial reply.
  • The apostles are given access and authority.
  • Jesus shares his future sufferings with his followers. But, Peter reprimands him.
  • Jesus responds by telling everyone that following Jesus is costly; it may even cost your life.
  • Jesus is transfigured in front of Peter, James, and John. Jehovah God affirms his identity.
  • Jesus casts out a demon which his apostles cannot cast out.
  • The disciples argue among themselves about who is the greatest. Jesus teaches about humility.
  • The disciples ask about someone throwing out demons in Jesus’ name who is not a part of the group.
  • Jesus teaches on conflict resolution.


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