What happens in this episode?

We start telling the stories of the lives of people – both living and dead – which are changed because of the life of Jesus. Because Jesus still lives (He was resurrected!), he still changes lives.

  • We meet a teenager – The Maid – who is a passionate follower of Jesus
  • She is given a mission by Jehovah God
  • While the powers-that-be seek to dissuade her efforts, she ultimately prevails and is given what she needs to begin to execute her mission
  • She succeeds but is put on trial for supposed heresy
  • She is found guilty and executed by burning at the stake
  • Do you know who “The Maid” is? Listen for the revelation of her name!

Do you have a Jesus Story to share?

I’m collecting current day Jesus Stories (testimonies) for the third season of the Jesus Stories Podcast. If you’ve got a Jesus Story from your life, I’d love to hear from you. You can tell the story through an interview, or I’ll tell you story for you. And, you may remain anonymous, if needed. Contact me via the website, JesusStories.info, click on the “Talk to Us” tab.

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  • Jesus is taken to be questioned by Annas
  • Annas sends Jesus to Caiaphas for trial
  • The Sanhedrin question Jesus under oath, requiring Jesus admit that he is the Messiah
  • The Sanhedrin consider Jesus guilty of blasphemy
  • Judas regrets his actions and gives back his money
  • Judas hangs himself
  • Jesus is brought before Pilate for trial
  • Pilate and Jesus converse about the nature of kingdoms and truth
  • Pilate sends Jesus to Herod who sends him back to Pilate with a not guilty verdict
  • Pilate seeks to release Jesus, but the crowd is out for blood
  • The crowd demands the release of Barabbas for the Passover celebration
  • The crowd shouts down Pilate demanding that Jesus be crucified



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