• Jesus curses an unproductive fig tree
  • He cleans up the Temple – again
  • Religious leaders are looking for a way to kill Jesus but can’t formulate a plan
  • Jesus reminds his followers that he will have to die
  • Jehovah God verifies Jesus ministry
  • The disciples are stunned by a dead fig tree
  • Jesus tells them to believe and pray in their belief
  • Jesus is challenged to prove his authority for his ministry
  • Jesus tells the parable of the disobedient sons
  • Jesus tells a parable of the vineyard keeper and his murderous farmhands
  • Jesus tells a parable of a wedding banquet no one wants to attend
  • Jesus is challenged about paying taxes



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  • Jesus tells a parable. A nobleman was called away to be crowned king of his land. He leaves some funds to be invested by others. Some do well. Some do not!
  • Everyone is looking for Jesus, wondering if he will come to Jerusalem for the Passover celebration
  • A party is held in the home of a former leper – Simon – in honor of Jesus. He is honored in a special way.
  • The leading priests plot to kill Jesus and Lazarus, too.
  • The people welcome Jesus as he prepares to enter Jerusalem
  • Jesus rides into Jerusalem on the a donkey – something the disciples of Jesus don’t understand just now.
  • The crowd shouts praise as he rides. But, the Pharisees are not happy about the joy.
  • Jesus laments the fate of Jerusalem
  • Jesus causes a stir as he enters Jerusalem
  • Jesus goes to examine the Temple, then leaves for the night



Luke 19:11-28

John 11:55-57

John 12:1-13

Mark 14:3-9

Luke 19:29-44

Matthew 21:1-7

John 12:14-19

Reputable agencies who are offering help to the Ukraine with your assistance:

Eastern European Mission: This non-profit (501c3 for IRS purposes) has been working in Eastern Europe since 1961 and has a network of churches and individuals through which to send help to the Ukraine and to the countries accepting refugees.

LCC International University: This University is located in Lithuania and educates people from all over the world. A large percentage of the students are from Ukraine. At this time, they have issues getting to their monies. The University and its staff are working to help them out. This will help those students.

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